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About Us

AR Jobs is India's leading provider of online recruitment and job search solutions. We provide a common platform to jobseekers, employers and placement consultants. Jobseekers can post resume, search jobs and even apply to placement consultant free of charge. Employers can access our resume database. Placement Consulatnt can enjoy free listing in our online Placement Consultant Directory

Placement Consultant Directory :

The Placement Consultant Directory is an important section of ARJOBS.IN, jobseekers can send their resume to top placement consultants to find jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Noida,Gurgaon and other mazro cities in India. Daily/Weekly Job Alerts :

Registered users get free Daily/Weekly Job alerts. This feature help jobseekers (Freshers and Experienced) to get matching jobs in their inbox.Any registered user can subscribe to Job Alert facility.The Job Alert facility is available for IT and Non IT Jobs.


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